Override auto-citation?


I’ve identified Bookends as my Biblio/Citations manager in Scrivener’s preferences. It’s working well… Whenever I copy a citation (CMD-Y) inside of bookends, the citation pops into my current location in Scrivener.

Here’s my problem… I work with DevonThink and Scrivener concurrently. Sometimes I want to enter a citation into DevonThink and not, at the moment, into Scrivener. But even if DT is the active program and then I move to Bookends and copy a citation (with the intention of pasting it into DT) – the citation faithfully pops into Scrivener.

Anyway to temporarily override the auto-paste feature so that I can work with Scrivener and other programs, at once?

Thanks in advance…

The auto-paste feature uses code recommended to me by the Bookends developer. It automatically copies in whatever is on the special pasteboard - Scrivener has no way of knowing that you intended it for another application, I’m afraid.
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Thanks for the quick response, and for the info, Keith. I suppose that if I wanted, for a period of time, to copy citations without them popping uncontrollably into Scrivener – I could temporarily reset the Bibliography/Citations Manager (in Scrivener Prefs) to 'None."

Anyway–thanks again.

That wouldn’t have any effect - all that does is make it so that Bookends gets called up when you go to Text > Bibliography/Citations… What happens is that Bookends puts a “paste” command “out there”, and when you come back to Scrivener, if the paste command is still there, Scrivener catches it.
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