Override font in full screen mode

I know we have a feature lock-down for 1.0, so please consider this a friendly suggestion for Scrivener 1.1 :wink:

I’m one of those who like amber letters on black for my full screen mode and I’m having a hard time finding a font that looks good during these circumstances, as well as in the usual black-on-white standard mode. What if we could have an “override font”, set in the preferences, that actually would allow me to set up a different font only to be used in full screen mode? Would this be at all possible? I know we’re talking RTF and all, but I think it would be quite helpful.

Hi Joakim, this has been asked before (possibly on the old forum), and the answer is simply that it is not possible because Scrivener uses rich text. To explain:

The Cocoa text system has something called “temporary attributes”. These attributes make it possible to change the appearance of text - you guessed it - temporarily. Thus, it is possible to change the colour of your font in full screen from black (or multicoloured) to all green, or amber, or whatever you like. Temporary attributes are great for doing this sort of stuff to rich text, but they have limitations - the following is from the Cocoa documentation for the setTemporaryAttributes feature:

Note the word “currently”. It might be worth heading over to bugreport.apple.com and filing an enhancement request. Just ask if NSLayoutManager’s -setTemporaryAttributes:forCharacterRange: method could be enhanced so that it affects more attributes than just underlines and colours, such as fonts.

This is why plain text apps can change the font in full screen but rich text apps such as Scrivener cannot.

AmberV, if you come across this thread, could you put something about this in the FAQ? Thanks!

All the best,

Ah, I see. Ok. Thank you for your answer. I guess I’ll keep looking for that one font to solve it all. :wink:

(I’m working with Times 14, single line space, at 175 / 200 %. For me it works very fine both in general mode [soft green background, black characters] and in Full Screen [black background, soft green letters] ……)

Got it, Keith.