Override formatting change every besides alignment and bold/itallics?

Is it possible to use Override formatting to change all of the fonts, line-spacing and font-size, but retain the alignment and bold or italics? I’ve experimented with using Outline selection and Documents >>Convert>>Formatting to Default Text Style and Override text and notes formatting in compile, but I have to lose something, either the my bold/italics or the justification. Is there a way of doing this without having to manually put something back in?

Have you done the built-in, interactive Tutorial? It explains most of this.
If you haven’t, please do and then come back if there are still things that are unclear.

I have, the problem is I’m changing a regular font to a semi-bold, and this means any time I used bold, it’s getting ignored as bold is the new standard, whereas I need bold to be extra bold. Is it possible to change specific weights to other fonts, for instance?

I think it depends on the font. Most fonts only have normal, italics and bold, and some doesn’t even have italics. So you seem to need a font that has both semi bold and super bold, or maybe which has semi bold as normal, and super bold as bold.
It’s all a question of finding the right font.

Yeah, it’s Bembo, which is a bit of a mess of separated fonts. Is there anything similar to Bembo Semi-bold that’s a normal weight and super-bold is just bold?

No idea. I don’t use a lot of different fonts.

Make a new post, asking specifically for fonts with semi-bold as normal, and maybe one of the font nerds in here will see the post and react.