Override Source Folder & Metadata in a Compile Preset

So, I have a single Scrivener project for all of the books in what is intended to be a series. (There’re 1.1 books in there so far :smiley:) Under my Draft folder, I have a folder for each book, with the book’s content in each. Right now, if I want to compile one or other book, I have to change the project metadata to the right book title, open up the Compile pane, pick the right source folder and compile preset (I have one for my tweaks to manuscript format, and one for my Kindle format) and click the button.

It would be really nice if I could override the project metadata in the compile preset, and also if I could set the source folder, ebook cover image, etc., in the compile preset. Then I could simply pick the “Book1 Manuscript”, “Book 2 Kindle” or whatever preset as appropriate and everything would be done for me.


The trouble is that you generally wouldn’t want project-specific information saving in a Compile preset, because that would mean that you couldn’t share those presets between different projects, which is the main thing presets are intended for.

For the project title, why don’t you just change Compile to use <$compilegroup> wherever it currently uses <$projecttitle> and suchlike? <$compilegroup> gets replaced with the name of the current folder being compiled.

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Ah, I didn’t know about <$compilegroup> - that solves most of my problem. One question: are those tags interpreted on the ebook metadata page? If I put <$compilegroup> in the Title field of the ebook metadata, will Scrivener do the right thing? (Or, can it be made to in the future?)

I’d still have to select the right cover image manually, but if the metadata could be handled, that’s no big deal. (Of course, being able to set a cover image per compile group would be nice…)

Thanks again - every time I ask a question here, I learn more about how to be a more effective Scrivener user. Amazing, amazing piece of software. If Apple wanted to push its hardware to writers, they’d have a special promotion on MacBook Airs with Scrivener pre-installed, and I bet they’d sell a bunch.

Ah, looking at the code, at the moment this doesn’t work in that meta-data. I’ll have a look at getting that working, though, as it really should do, ideally.

The trouble is that an addition like this would add complexity for the vast number of projects. I expect your use case here is quite unusual, not necessarily in having multiple books in a single project, but compiling different books so frequently.

Many thanks! Much appreciated!

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