Override still passes through rogue font colors

Discovered the hard way that my compile is passing thru rogue font colors. I thought the override setting would have prevented this.

I now have a compilation volume in which certain phrases and paragraphs are only near-black, because at least one author was in the habit of turning their draft text different colors while writing using the crayon color panel – and then using it again to turn the text “black”. Well, Licorice and Lead look identical in Scrivener, but of course they are not – and when you send that kind of varying output to press, you know it. Ouch.

So, I thought the format setting as pictured below would have prevented this from happening, but the not-quite-black text went through it anyway. This a bug or am I missing something?

(Clearly I should have caught/cleared the problem at the typesetting stage. But that is not the point here.)

Did you try highlighting all the text (in Scrivenings mode) and changing the color?

Thanks, but I am not looking for a way to “get the job done.” I know several ways to see to it – now that I have discovered the issue.

What I am flagging here is something that looks to me like it might be a bug or unexpected behavior of the compile function.

That’s a very good point.