Override Text Color

I just posted, but I forgot one other wish: like I can in the Preferences for full screen mode, I wish I could override the text color for the text’s background in the normal view. I would like to set my text background to a dark color to reduce eye fatigue, but doing that and then setting the font to white so that it shows up creates other problems.

The trouble with this is that the whole rich text aspect of the text would suddenly be rendered meaningless. The rich text system allows you to change the colour of any range of text you want and so on and so forth. In full screen, this is temporarily changed to a colour of your choice. It would make no sense for the text colour also to be temporarily coloured in normal mode, as this would mean that you could not see the true colour of your text anywhere.


In Word there is a setting that emulates the old WordPerfect screen: dark blue background, white text. However, in order for your text to show up as white, you have to set your font color to “Automatic.” In this “color,” the text is black when the background is white, but when the blue background option is selected, “Automatic” text is white. However, if you set your particular font to be “black” instead of “automatic” the black font remains black on the dark blue screen. I’d willingly forego the option to have text other than black (I can’t remember the last time I used a font in another color) if I could have something similar to the “Automatic” font color setting.


Sorry blakers76, but this just isn’t something I see making it into Scrivener for various reasons. :frowning:
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