I’ve been using Scrivener for Windows for several months and like it, but I regret the apparent lack of an overstrike function on the keyboard. Am I missing something?

Do you mean strike-through? That’s CTRL + SHIFT + -

What I’m referring to is not overstrike. It’s the feature found in every word processing program I’ve used that toggles between overwriting and inserting. One replaces an existing character when the key is pushed, the other pushes the existing character ahead. It’s hard to believe Scrivener would omit this feature, as it’s all but universal among word processing programs.

Hit the “insert” button on the key board.

Whenever I hit the insert button on my keyboard of my two computers, I still just get insert mode, never overstrike mode. Weird.

I think it’s more of an issue of your computer messing with your head. :stuck_out_tongue:

It isn’t really called “overstrike”. I think that’s what threw folks off. It may be a regional thing (not sure where you’re from) but I’ve always heard it called “overwrite”.

Check in another text editor (notepad) and see if it works. The insert key should toggle the input mode to/from overwrite and insert.

Although thinking about my windows laptop (dell) there is a bios function to disable the overwrite key. Might want to check that as well.

I can also confirm this -no overwrite mode through insert button, but I suspect this may be a feature as well :slight_smile: