If it’s not too much trouble to add I would love an overtype function for the text. I find it much easier when I’m editing to type over the previous copy than to type, delete, type, delete, type OR to come back to the mouse pad to select the the text. I just find it quicker and it helps my train of thought.

Am I the only one?

Haven’t thought about that since I abandoned the Kaypro back in the pre-industrial era.

A sometimes-useful feature, if, for instance, you want to replace “his” with “her,” or similar overtyping of about the same dimension. However, I remember it to have been even more trouble otherwise, having to overtype then erase if the replacement was shorter, and changing back if the replacement was longer.

But as I said, that was a long time ago; I have enough difficulty remembering what I did yesterday. What I did – and how I did it – almost thirty years ago is extremely vague.

So maybe I’d like overtyping now. (Don’t quote me. Tomorrow I won’t remember having said it.)


Unfortunately there’s no real facility for doing this in the OS X text system to the best of my knowledge. It could no doubt be done, but it’s not as trivial as you would think, simply because this has gone out of fashion and so isn’t part of the standard text system.
All the best,

Oh well… worth a shot.

Adapt and overcome I guess!