Overview-List of all Annotations in Project

Something I desperately miss (in all applications that allow annotations, BTW) is a list of all annotations in the project. Simple principle: The list would pop up upon command, I’d have the first lines of my annotations listed, and when I click on any entry, I would be beamed at that point in the text.

Why are we making an annotation? Because there is still something to fix at a certain passage of our text, but we either don’t know what or it’s a lot and we feel it more important to get on with the writing in that moment. Anyway, we make an annotation as a reminder to come back later.

But, of course, the annotation gets out of sight. We have to go through the text again, from one annotation to the next, to fix whatever there is to fix, maybe by making new annotations, and so on. One thing is clear: In the end, all annotations must be gone.

Yes, of course I know that you can jump from one annotation to the next or to the previous. This is a great help, of course. But it is a kind of crawling over the floor, it does not give you the big picture. And in writing, it’s good if you can easily switch from the details (where God is, as we know) to the overview (which we need to attain balance and other positive attributes of a story). For example, if there are regions in the book where the annotations agglomerate: this might be a hint that there is something wrong on a higher level - but you’d need the overview to notice this. “Hmm, I have 34 annotations in my book of 54 chapters, and 27 of them concern chapter 7… hmm…”

I support this list-wish…

Hugh - Just for the record, there is no voting system on wish-list items. :slight_smile:

Andreas - whilst it is a nice idea, I doubt anything like this will make it into Scrivener any time soon.

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Too bad. It really is a nice idea! I guess this would be a monster to implement, Keith?

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PS God, this Forum is maddeningly slow :angry: (I know, wrong thread… hope it gets souped up soon though :cry: )

Entirely understood, Keith. God forbid that such a thing as democracy should ever darken the doors of the Scrivenorium. I added my approval of Andreas’ suggestion partly because I think that one day it would be an excellent additional function, but partly also because I couldn’t resist the lure of adding a list-wish to a wish-list… :wink: But point taken.

There’s most certainly no democracy here; only meritocracy, as judged by a dictatorship. :slight_smile:

While not a dynamic “clickable” list, you can get an overview of all annotations in a big list thought, right? Just export annotations with titles. File menu/Export/Annotations… So to beam about, why not import the list into Scrivener to make it easier. Select a good chunk of the annotation and drop it into the Project search window.

Wow, cool idea. I’ll try it — a listwitch without Keith having to write a single line of code.


Ah, thanks! Good idea. I’ll work like this until Keith feels the need for a clickable annotations list… :laughing: