Overview of using images in Scrivener??

Hi, folks-

I’m having trouble getting my head around how to use images in scrivener.

I’m putting together some technical documentation with screen shots. Should be easy- the scrivener documentation shows that it can be done.

But I can’t duplicate the inline displayed graphic with caption technique that I see in the manual source. The only caption technique I can use is the markdown syntax and this doesn’t display the graphic in the editor. I’m also compiling to Latex- images can appear a few pages from the referencing text.

Would someone be willing to put together something that deals with the different ways of inserting graphics or point me to something that already exists.

Much appreciated!

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hi Scott,

Are you using MultiMarkdown? The manual was created using MultiMarkdown in Scrivener. It’s possible to use captions without MMD in Scrivener (when compiled), but if you’re compiling to LaTeX then I’m guessing you are using MMD. The answer will differ depending, and if you are using MMD then I’ll pass you on to Ioa, who wrote and compiled the manual and is the resident MMD expert (note that the manual is available as a Scrivener project from this page if you want to see how it was created).

All the best,

Yes, I’ve never been able to get images with captions to work in my Scrivener->mmd->workflow (I end up just editing the resulting latex file by hand).

With an image in the editor, an image is exported on compile (be good to be able to switch this off as it creates a folder containing the image whereas I’d prefer just the .tex file).

As far as captions methods 1,2,3 in

[Ioa’s post][forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/questions-about-latex-in-scrivener/10774/6]

don’t seem to work in my set up - the mmd syntax just gets copied over?

(n.b. the syntax in this post is I think for MMD 2 which is slightly different that for MMD 3 -I’ve tried both versions with the appropriate syntax but both just get copied over)

Any clues?