Overwhelming Praise and Two-up question

First, I am in the middle of an intensive grant writing effort and I switched first thing this morning to Scrivener for iOS and wow!!! its better than I imagined. Kudos to infinity!

Quick question: I don’t think this exists in the app, but I thought I’d ask. Is there a two-page up or second editor screen option? One of the things that makes Scrivener for Mac so outstanding is the productivity boost I get by having a working document in one pane and a pdf or notes in the second pane (see image below). On a 12.9" iPad Pro this is imminently workable (but maybe not so for smaller screens).

Again, just mountains of praise. You’ve saved my injured back from carrying a laptop around the world.

Yes, in fact there is. (One of my favorite features, in fact.)

First, you’ll want to expand the Binder. Use the Gear icon in the bottom left to find that option.

Then, open file A in the main editor pane.

Find File B in the Binder. Swipe left, select the ‘More’ option, then ‘Quick Reference.’


You people ARE gods! This is like ice cream and cake on Christmas Day.
Just outstanding!

OMG! I second the OP: you people are gods! A video file that I’m analyzing (I’m a linguist who also studies gesture) in the left pane, and my document in the right pane editor. Even on an iPad Air this is phenomenally productive.

Note also that Scrivener is fully compatible with Split-Screen multitasking mode on iPads that support it. Scrivener in one pane, completely different application in another.


Thanks for the kind words both! Glad you like it!

This feature is also helpful for working on different sections of the same file. Instead of opening a second file as “reference”, open the same file. You can edit in both panels.

This is my favorite feature of the new app!

This was on my mind since the very second you released the video. Again…Gods among us writers. As the first version of the app, I’mm really looking forward to using it rather than lugging my laptop everywhere.

I do have one request. In all my projects, I work best with the horizontal split rather than the vertical split. Hopefully in future updates this can be possible.