Overwrite current (Mac) Scrivener 3 or delete and then install?

My Scrivener crashes halfway through opening after updating to Ventura, I am hoping the latest version will fix this. Any tips?

There are a couple of threads with users having issues following an upgrade to Ventura.
Most likely you’ll find an answer to yours if you search the forum. (I believe that the issues were resolved in most, if not all, of those cases.)

If ( → if ← I am not saying that this is what you should do) you end up doing an uninstall/reinstall, don’t forget to save your preferences first.

And backup your compile formats, too. (I’m not 100% certain that it is necessary in the case of the compile formats, but might as well…)

Thanks, I made copies and then did an overwrite and all seems to be fine and preferences were saved.

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Good to know that this is all it takes.