Overwriting earlier compiled output

I find myself having to grant permission for the PDF generated on compile to overwrite the previous output. It would be convenient to have a preference setting for always automatically allowing this or, alternatively, for automatically generating a unique name for the new file (thesis.pdf, thesis-1.pdf, …).

This is the way it works on a Mac. Having a new saved copy of every compilation could result in a huge number of almost identical copies so that wouldn’t be very nice. Having to click an extra Ok isn’t that much work.

It would be a user preference. If the user fears huge numbers of copies, they can leave it the way it was. Optional automatic incremental renaming of new versions is not a new concept on the Mac or elsewhere.

In which Mac apps do you have it?

Lightroom, and others. But you could have found that out yourself.

I asked because none of my Mac apps have it, and I have a lot.

Aye, Adobe apps are very non-standard, preferring their own UI implementations (even after years, they don’t apply fundamental native UI behaviour like full-screen or spaces correctly on macOS).