Overwritten project


I only started using Scrivener on Monday and I have been working furiously on it, on my PhD thesis. I did a test today to see how I could then export it to Word in RTF, see how the Endnotes references I had in there showed… so I exported just one page of the draft on RTF (or I think I did).

I then must have done something wrong, and I must have overwritten my project, cause now I open and the structure of the project is there but the only text left is of the text I did the RTF test with. I’ve lost 4 days of working 15 hours a day. Please help?

My project was stored in Dropbox and I have also gone to the back ups file and unzipped them but my texts aren’t there.

I know had the scriv files “Thesis”, dated 01/10/13 and “Thesis2”, dated 04/10/13, before this happened. Now both are 04/10/13 and the texts are gone from both, except that text I mentioned earlier. What have I done…?

Please, tell me there’s a way to recover overwritten stuff? :__(

If there is anything I could tell you that might make you guess what it can be, please ask.
Thank you so much for any help and tips.

Just a note here to say I replied to your PM earlier, in case you’re getting notifications for this but not that.

I can’t thank you enough, MM.

I managed to recover the whole thing!!!

In case it is useful for future users checking this, I managed to save the files by going to Dropbox > Project.scriv > Files > Docs, clicking the tin icon “show deleted files” and as the files showed up I selected them all and pressed restore. I then opened the project and the text was back in place.

This is the best support team ever. Thank you!