Own word list?

Is it possible to create own word lists? I have a problem with Scrivener autocorrecting some words I would immediately add to such a list (I do want to use auto-correction).

It’s handled at the OS level, rather than by OS X itself. What you can do is just tell the dictionary to learn these words - select a word that normally gets corrected (hit undo after it gets corrected so that it reverts to the original) and which has the red misspelling underline beneath it, ctrl-click it, and select “Learn Spelling”. I think that should do the trick.


Works perfectly! Thanks :smiley: !

Here’s a more difficult query. I have a 10,339-word custom dictionary that I built after using Word for many years, and would like to import the whole lot into Scrivener’s dictionary, and to add to it over time.

Is that possible? I suppose what I’m looking for is a way to directly edit the custom dictionary, as well as adding to it incrementally. Direct editing is good for weeding out erroneous entries.

Michael U.

This is a operating system level thing, as most applications don’t have their own dictionaries/spell checkers. But to get your custom dictionary out of Word, I found the following directions (assumes you are moving the dictionary from Word for Windows, there may be a similar file under ~/Library somewhere).
answers.yahoo.com/question/index … 047AA3WpCV

I don’t know what format of the file retrieved above will be, as I don’t have access to Word at the moment…

To add a large number of words to the Mac OS spell checker custom dictionary, follow these guidelines:
discussions.apple.com/thread.jsp … tstart=600

Hope that gets you on the right path.

That does work well, thanks!

So when Scrivener “learns” a spelling, it adds the word to this file, I assume?

Thank you again.


Yes, it’s using the same list that most other Mac applications use, and add words to as well.