Package file can only be shared as a link.

I’m trying to share just one file from my Scrivener Dropbox folder and keep getting this message." Package file can only be shared as a link." I want to be able to work collaboratively not just have them be able to just see and comment, I’ve read the description in manual (336/337) but don’t quite get it. … What am I doing wrong? Is there an easier step by step?

The only safe way to edit the contents of a Scrivener project is with Scrivener itself. Allowing someone to edit a single sub-file within the project is a very bad idea.

A better solution would be to use Scrivener’s own Export command to extract the file you want to share.


No. I don’t want them to edit the single file. I’m sorry. Share a single project with someone else who has Scrivener without giving the person access to everything else in my Scrivener Dropbox folder. I created a subfolder and got the same message. I want it to act just like it was my, say, iPad they were using. I feel it’s obvious but I’m missing something.

Could you walk me through exactly what you’re doing?

Also, have you contacted Dropbox support? All Scrivener does is put the project (a folder) where you tell it to. It’s up to Dropbox to control who can access it from there.


If you create a sub-folder in the dropbox folder and put the project you want to share in it, you can then invite your co-author to share that sub-folder only. If you use an iPad, iOS Scrivener will still see the project because it sees everything in the synced folder, including what’s in sub-folders.

So does the collaborator simply have to create a project with the same name and put it in her Dropbox? And then it will sync with the one with the same name that’s been shared? (Don’t worry…we already have a backup…)

OR I’d think you’d start by having the collaborator download the project from Dropbox. But if she clicks on the project, first there’s an error that “.scrivx files can’t be previewed.” If you click Download on that screen it downloads but when you try to open it you get a question whether you want to add a .scriv file extension? But if you say OK to that it says the system doesn’t allow Scrivener to add the .scriv file extension. It says to check permissions. Which permissions where? Is that the problem? Does any of this make sense?

Neither of your alternatives.
The collaborator needs to install the dropbox app and get a dropbox account. You then share your subfolder, i.e. give the collaborator permisson to read and write that subfolder, from your end. That subfolder will then appear in your collaborators dropbox folder, in Finder, and the project will be there. Pointing the iPad Scrivener to that folder is done in the usual way which means that the collaborator will edit the same project. Or it. An be opened and edited with Mac Scrivener.

So make sure you don’t edit it both of you at the same time! It can only be open on ONE device at a time.

Thanks. I found out the real problem—she’s using Windows Scrivener. Anyone have any experience with cross-platform DropBox Sharing. As it is, when she clicks she gets your basic Dropbox Screen with the key Scrivener Components “Files” “Mobile” “QuickLook” “Setting” “Snapshots” and then the .scrivx file. I.e., there’s nothing she can download and import directly to Scrivener. Ideas?

Dropbox sharing would work exactly as Lunk describes with both Mac and Windows except that rather than seeing the .scriv folder as a single item, she’ll see it as a folder of files and need to double-click the .scrivx to open it in Scrivener. You’ll want to have this setup with your collaborator having a Dropbox account of her own and having the Dropbox folder, with your shared folder, synced on her computer, not just trying to access it via the website.

A separate key question here though is whether you’re using Scrivener 2.9 or 3.0 on Mac, as Windows 1.9.7 is only compatible with the former. I don’t think you’ve gotten as far as that being an issue yet given the Dropbox-related errors, but it will be an additional problem if you’re on 3.0! If that’s the case, you can downgrade the project on Mac using File > Export > as Scrivener 2 Project…; that will create a copy of the project compatible with Windows 1.9.7 and Mac 2.9. You’ll then both need to use that copy of the project (rather than the 3.0 version), so put that one in the shared Dropbox in place of the other, and make sure you just work on it from 2.9 (which you can have installed alongside 3.0, so you can continue to use 3.0 for your other projects–assuming you’re working with 3.0 at all).

Thanks. That is the issue then. I have gone to 3,0 on the Mac and love it. I understand the issue and could go back to 2.9 for this project. (I see the issue is explained on the Windows Forum
For now, I’m just going to have my collaborator work on regular RTF files that I put on Dropbox—since it’s mainly research we’re sharing as opposed to the actual MS, that’s fine for now. Looks like there’s a Beta of Windows 3.0, So once she gets more familiar with Scrivener etc. maybe we’ll offer to participate. Obviously cross-platform sharing will be an important feature…and, I imagine a challenging one. Thanks all for explaining this so we can get back to work!

Assuming both platforms are using the same project format, cross-platform sharing is no more difficult than sharing between two Macs or two Windows systems. Scrivener (on either system) just puts the project where you tell it, and Dropbox does the heavy lifting.


Thanks. Just to confirm. Either I go back to 2.9 on Mac or wait until 3.0 for Windows to try again…that seems to be what you are both saying? Thanks, David

The current release version of Win Scrivener will not use the Mac Scrivener 3 format, that’s correct.