Package format & backups - question

I use SuperDuper for backups.

If SD runs while I am working in Scrivener, could my backup contain snapshots of different files from Scrivener’s package contents at slightly different times? Could that backup then be unusable by Scrivener?


Yes, that would in general not be a good idea! This is one of the main causes for grief with Time Machine. Since TM runs whenever it wants to, unassisted, for the busy author it is often going to be running while Scrivener is open and in use. This means far fewer solid backups with the project closed, and once TM starts culling older backups, the odds of losing all stable versions of a project increase.

It won’t hurt your project to back it up while working on it, just to be clear, but it’s a waste of time because that backup will potentially fail when you try to open it up later on after restoring.