Padding the ego, deservedly so


A HUGE thanks for creating Scrivener. I found your program in Jan of this year and started using it. After a quick learning curve (The videos and the tutorial were awesome), I have found it invaluable. You made the program to function with such ease and a stress free nature it gives me an ideal tool/environment for my muse. My project was huge (and still is), containing thousands and thousands of first hand accounts/research pages to pull from in order to create the most compelling story.

Honestly, I have been meaning to praise your program for awhile, but last night was the trigger. I was forced to use another program besides Scrivener for writing. gasps And yes “forced” is the correct term for me not having Scrivener or better yet it is like the freaking death march of creativity. Seriously, those poor kids who saw me last night…the local public library is supposed to be a tranquil place, except that I kept muttering, “Oh beep, just do what Scrivener does…Are you freaking kidding me?..Word, you crashed again, you have screwed me for the last time!” It was good I caught their mother’s eyes. The thought to take my PC into the back alley, piss on it, bum some lighter fluid off someone and set the whole thing ablaze was really appealing :smiling_imp: …but I digress.

So, thank you for my sanity with Scrivener and proof of my insanity without it. :smiley: In order to ensure I am a function human being I seriously went and bought a new Macbook last night so I will NEVER have to go without Scrivener again. When my writing takes off and I’m across the pond, perhaps I can take you to lunch…unless I just creeped you out? :mrgreen:

Thanks for the kind words! And for buying a MacBook for using Scrivener on - that’s great, although I’m sorry we dented your pocket. I’m glad you didn’t end up in the national news for starting a fire outside a library full of kids, though. And, for the record, I never say no to a free lunch. :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best,