Paddle Process Still Running

I noticed earlier this morning that the Paddle process is still running, despite having successfully updated Scrivener. Why is it still running?

I think I can, in part, answer that.

The new Scrivener upgrade process includes purchase of the upgrade from a third party, Paddle. Unlike previous registration/upgrade processes for the application, Paddle installs something on your PC that automatically upgrades the application. This, in my not so humble opinion, is entirely unnecessary since the alternative is the email with license code you get anyway and, in my case, resulted in it completely breaking my installation so that my trial installation reports a “Bad Serial Number” and the application will not even run in trial mode any more.

Why Paddle needs to install something on your PC is beyond me since copy/pasting a license number isn’t exactly hard and the installation of Paddle on my machine (without my express permission) has broken it so badly it’s looking suspiciously like I will have to rebuild my PC.

I do not know whether Paddle gets installed when one applies a license manually but I strongly suspect you won’t be able to stop it without fairly drastic action. I say that because I spent yesterday evening repeatedly attempting to remove Scrivener and Paddle from my PC so I could reinstall it more normally; I failed but I proved I could activate the license on another PC without the “Paddle process”; whether Paddle is running on those systems, I don’t know but I’ll check when I get home tonight.

To my knowledge, previous versions of Scrivener didn’t install Paddle, and my best bet is that Paddle installs an entirely unnecessary something that has little to do with the running of the application.