Page beginning/end in screenplay mode

Hi! I’ve been using Scrivener for a while now and I really enjoy the software but there’s one feature I can’t find.

I’m writing screenplays so formatting is important for me and I’ve been wondering is it possible to show where each page starts and ends, because by default it’s just an endless white page and you can see where it begins and ends only after you export your file to PDF or doc etc.

Can you do something about it?


Hi Alexxxei,

There’s currently not a way in the Windows version to display a page view, although it’s a feature that will be coming as Scrivener for Windows catches up with the Mac 2.0’s feature set. What you can do for now is ensure your compile settings are the way you’ll want for bringing your script out of Scrivener and then use the Project Statistics occasionally to check your page count. That uses the compile settings, so it’ll be a fairly accurate count.

Thank you very much.

And when do you expect Scrivener for Windows to catch up with Mac version?

Given that the Mac version’s been around five years or so, there’s a lot to catch up to, but Lee’s already sneaked in some of the 2.0 feature set into Windows’ 1.0 version, so things are looking pretty good. I don’t have an exact estimate, but over the next year following 1.0’s release Lee will be working to bring a lot of the big 2.0 features over in 1.x updates, and I expect the page view will get in sooner rather than later (bug fixes and coding crises permitting). The main point is just that the current Mac feature set is the goal for Scrivener for Windows as well, so a page view mode and inspector comments and a slightly more advanced scriptwriting mode are all on the horizon. Since I can’t tell you exactly when they’ll be implemented, though, definitely play around and see how Scrivener currently works and how that can fit with your work style (excluding the beta-bugs of the moment, of course)–if you’re not going to happy or productive until the feature is added, you’ll probably just want to hold off until it arrives. A lot of scriptwriters successfully used the Mac version before the page view was implemented, so you may end up finding you can do without, at least for the drafting stage, but it’s certainly something you’ll have to determine for yourself.