Page break after synopsis?

I’m compiling my novel with synopses for each chapter. I would like to have a page break after the synopsis text, before the actual text of the chapter. That way I can make notes on the synopsis page as I edit. But I can’t figure out how to get it to compile that way. Is it possible, or do I have to edit the Word document after compiling?

Would setting Page Break Before on the first chunk of text (in the Inspector’s general metadata area) following the item generating the chapter heading + synopsis, be what you’re looking for? Depending on how consistent your draft outline is, a more preferable solution would be to use the Separators pane to insert these automatically, with the Folder and text separator setting. You may find another setting in there works better—it is hard to say without knowing in more technical terms what a “chapter” means to you, as there is no such formal construct in the software.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll take a look.

By “Chapters” I mean folders.

Okay good, you should be able to easily use the Separators pane to sort this out then. Folders are usually set up there to have one above them, that’s where the chapter break starts, and then you just need to add one more below them.

Thanks for the feedback. I got it working. Sort of. :slight_smile:

When I compile a synopsis, I get the Notes for each chapter/folder, along with the first line of each scene, as the scenes appear in the Binder. But when I compile the full novel, those first lines appear at the beginning of each scene. Which makes sense, considering they are the first line of the scenes. But I wish I could get that list of first lines just after the chapter notes, like a summary of the pages to follow.

But other than that wish list item, I do have it compiling the way I want now, so thanks for your help.