Page break before doesn't always produce a page break

Hello Scriveneers,

I have a bug or at least an unintended behavior in Beta 2.1.5. I use Scrivener to write a script.

When I export with the setting “Page break before” checked for every new document in the Binder, one document begins directly after the other:

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The document in question doesn’t start with a shot, or action, which probably causes this issue. Instead it starts directly with a dialogue.

Maybe that’s not what I’m supposed to do and I just have to start with a different element other than dialogue.

This is the problematic project. I’ve cleaned it up a little bit: …


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the bug report, and for the sample project (I assume you mean beta 2.3.5, by the way :slight_smile: ). I think I have now fixed the bug. Please try downloading the updated beta (build 22136) that I have just posted, and let me know if this fixes the issue for you:

Thanks and all the best,

Keith, yes, 2.3.5 of course. I must be sleepy. The updated version works correctly. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Great, thanks for confirming!
All the best,