Page break bug fix yet?

I’ve been searching for a resolution to padding after page breaks/compile ignoring page breaks and I see the team are aware of a page break bug and have been for a couple of years. Is there a proper fix for this bug yet? Or do we really still have to go in and manually remove them from Word?

I’ve tried using different compile options and I’m getting:

  1. no page breaks
  2. 2-line padding in chapters after and not including chapter 1
  3. 2-line padding in some chapters and 4-line padding in others

I’ve tried compiling to .pdf, to .rtf, to .doc, to .docx. I’ve tried choosing different compiles. I’ve tried adding 2 extra lines to the beginning of the first chapter, which did work. But if there’s a known bug, shouldn’t there be a fix yet?

I don’t have Libre-Office, which is what most of the previous workarounds seem to be for. I use Word. Or ApacheOpenOffice, which is a rubbish compile, btw.

Many thanks.

Looks like it hasn’t been fixed, then.