Page Break Compile Error (PDF)


I have a dummy document I’m using as a template, and for some reason, when I compile as a PDF, the chapter heading for Chapter One appears at the bottom of the title page, which should, of course, be blank except for the title and byline.

I have the title page, set as a folder, situated within another folder, and I have the Chapter One heading situated in the Chapter One folder, in which I have chapter one’s scenes:

As I said, when I compile to PDF, the Chapter One folder text appears at the bottom of the Title page. I’ve even set, in the Compile dialog, to separate folders next to each other with page breaks… still nothing!

Any ideas? I can send the project along if you want…

I did a bit more experimenting, and it seems that the problem is caused by having multiple blank spaces in the “Chapter One” folder: I’d like the “Chapter One” heading to appear halfway down the page, so I added in about ten blank lines. Those screw up the compiler, and I get the heading on the bottom of the title page. If I remove those blank lines, everything works as intended.

How odd!