Page Break Creates Blank Page?

Using Scrivener 2.4.1 on the Mac, when I insert a “page break”
Edit -> Insert -> Page Break
it creates a blank page before each page break in
Document -> View

Is there a reason for this? The blank pages just disappear when I
compile everything into a PDF.


Could you clarify what you mean by “Document -> View mode”? There is no such menu command.

As an aside, page breaks are typically best handled by not handling them at all. When you compile you can tell the compiler to insert an automatic page break whenever a new folder is encountered, for instance—and in fact that is the default. Additionally there is a checkbox over on the right in the Inspector that will add a page break at the top of the section you are working in.

It’s very rare that you would need to insert one manually in the middle of a section.

Oops. I meant “View -> Document” mode. But I guess I hadn’t perused the compile settings closely enough. It makes more sense to handle section page breaks there. Thanks for the tip.