Page(break) layout?

Is there a way in Scrivener to view page-breaks? I can’t seem to find the option. Anyone know?

Not in the current version. There is a page layout option in the next update (no fixed date on a release for that), but it is mainly intended for script writers. Page layout has very little meaning in Scrivener, given that you can export/print in a completely different font/format and that you write in chunks rather than as one long laid-out document.

I would also love to see page breaks. Coming from Word, I’m used to writing a certain amount for script outlines and it sucks not to be able to see how many pages you’ve written in Scrivener. As such, I find myself doing more Word work although I’d rather be using Scrivener.

As I already said, it’s in the next version. :slight_smile:

You’re the best! (I’m a tv writer in Hollywood and I’ve spouted Scrivener’s greatness to all my fellow writer friends. I hope you’re able to get some writing in yourself while continuing to work on this fantastic program!)

I know I shouldn’t even ask…but any ballpark when the next version will be out? Before Christmas?

Before Christmas, No.

The new version I think if memory serves me correctly is still in the Alpha Phase and will probably go into Beta here soon. Then tack on a few months for testing and revamps so Earliest I would assume would be maybe sometime early 09.

KB is not one to rush a version out without extensive testing first. (Quality over quantity and we all love him for it :slight_smile: )
I know we all are giddy over waiting for the new stuff KB has to offer us with the new version (I think it will be 1.5 not sure) and I know that KB is addressing many things mentioned on the forum about 1.11

So if I was a betting man I would place my bets on sometime the first half of 09 if all the new features work up to the expectations of KB and no major rewriting is needed.