Page Break on Export

I’m exporting all files (many) in one folder via compile draft so as to produce a single rtf file. But I want each file to be preceded by a page break.
I know I can set the page break separately for each file (in two places I know of), but is there a way to set it for all files included in the export?
I don’t see a way to do this in the Compile Draft dialog, but maybe it’s staring me in the face and I just don’t recognize it.

This will become much easier in 2.0, but for now the only way of doing this really is to select the Draft folder in the binder, switch to outliner mode, hit cmd-9 with the outliner selected to expand all, ensure the “Page break before” column is displayed, and then opt-click on one of the unticked boxes. This will tick all.
2.0 will allow you to choose a page break as the separator in Compile Draft.
All the best,

Thanks, Keith.
I didn’t know about that feature and it’s an improvement on ticking each one separately.

Like everyone else, I look forward to 2.0 (even if 1.5.3 is already a treasure :wink: