Page breaks at compile (not working)

I probably spent too much time at my computer and have my brain mashed-up but…
Does anyone have an idea as to why manual page breaks within a document would refuse to compile ?
If I do File / Print preview it’s all fine, but at compile they are just ignored.


I thought I was asking a stupid question to which would come an easy/obvious answer…
Anyone ?

Not expecting dumb questions with easy answers from you. :wink:

How did you insert “manual” page breaks?
Why don’t you just split the scene in two parts?

Hi Antoni :slight_smile:

First, note that I just realized that the page breaks are only being ignored when enclosed at the begining of a paragraph to which a style is assigned. For any “no style” paragraph, the page break behaves fine.

→ I call them “manual page breaks” because they are not compile-format related.

2022-06-04 09_19_27-

2022-06-04 09_19_55-DUMMY Screenshot forum project - Scrivener

2022-06-04 09_20_15-DUMMY Screenshot forum project - Scrivener


(Page break was ignored)

That is what I ended up doing…

But, I wanted to do it without splitting my original document, because :

1- I only wanted the splits (about 5 or 6) to be temporary (I actually resorted to splitting a duplicate of my original document for convenience) for a printout to which I wanted specific segments of a chapter isolated on their own page(s) to be able to physically reshuffle the order of those segments.

2- Using styles, I have my paragraphs numbered (you can see it in my “compiled” screenshot above → {1} {2} {3}… ). My compile format inserts a number <$n> reset at the start of each documents, so all my documents start with “paragraph 1”. → In this case I wanted my paragraphs to stay properly numbered without having to modify my compile format (which I ended up doing - had to remove that <$rst_n>).

3- When splitting a document, the snapshots stay with the top section of the document, and in this case, knowing that this was intended as a printout for further editing, I wanted to avoid having my document partitioned, with a section of it somewhere, and the corresponding past snapshots elsewhere.

This is something I am likely to do again in the future, so, it’d be good to know what is going on…
A setting somewhere ?
What could prevent the page breaks from compiling ?

(Since it seems to work fine when the paragraph has no style assigned to it - what I just found out -, I will make that my solution for the moment ; inserting any required page break as a “no style” paragraph of its own.)

Yes, looking this up there are some known issues with how page breaks interact with paragraphs, particularly if they are attached to the beginning of a paragraph rather than on their own empty line. This interaction with styles doesn’t seem to be documented though, so I’ll add these notes.

I also spotted some issues with separator interactions, too. Thanks for the report!

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