Page breaks in Export Draft -> Text Options?

In Export Draft, Text Options, there’s a place to choose what happens at the end of non-folder sections. Is it possible to add ‘page break’ to the choices? I have each section as a chapter, so a page break at the end of a non-folder section would be great.



I hope I understand your problem right. If so, the meta data of the following document is the solution to your problem. You can set the “Page Break Before” in the “General” pane of the info / meta data view to “checked”.

This means that you do not decide whether a document finishes with a page break but rather whether a document starts something new and needs a new page. Quite a logical decision which I like very much in Scrivener.

So, you could check this for all those chapters you think are something new, but not for those that you think finish a certain topic and be separated from the next.


Thanks, Maria! I think that will solve my issue nicely. :smiley:

(You’d think I would have noticed that before. I guess I didn’t think in output terms until I went to output. :confused: )