Page Breaks Missing in Compiled Draft (2.0b)

I didn’t see a separate place to post bugs for “Scrivener NaNo 2010” (aka 2.0b). If I missed it, apologies:

Page Breaks seem to be missing from compiled drafts in 2.0b. This works fine in Scrivener 1.54.


  1. Create a new scrivener project (I used the Screenplay setting)
  2. Add a second file below “Scene 1” and some text to it.
  3. Select “Page Break Before” from the Inspector panel for this new scene
  4. Compile for Final Draft 8
  5. The resulting file does not have a page break before the 2nd scene.

I first noticed the lack of page breaks when exporting to Final Draft 8 but page breaks are also missing from Word Docs. PDFs seem to respect the page breaks just fine though. I searched for a setting that might have changed in 2.0 that would be causing page breaks to skip but I couldn’t find it. Let me know if you need any more info.

Scrivener 2.0b
Mac OS X 10.6.4

Thanks, reproduced for Final Draft format and fixed for the release version. Word page breaks work, though - although it depends on what word processor you open the file in (Pages won’t respect them) and also, the .docx export doesn’t include them, only the RTF and .doc.


Ah yes, I was testing the .doc in Pages. Does Pages not respect any Word page breaks? Odd.

I think it is more like “Pages doesn’t respect Word” but I may be biased.

Pages doesn’t import RTF very well, and Scrivener’s .doc export is RTF-based.

Definitely route through Word or OpenOffice to create a .doc from Scrivener’s RTF file, when using Pages—unless your document has hardly any formatting at all. Page breaks; headers and footers; footnotes/endnotes; comments; images (if I recall correctly)… Pages just turns its nose up at.

Once you’ve figured out a workflow, feel free to vent your frustration at the brick wall that is Apple’s customer feedback support system.

Amen to that, Ioa. Brick wall indeed. Here’s to hoping that better RTF support will be implemented into Iwork '11.

… But as it stands, I’m perfectly happy with NisusWriter Pro (just wish they’d get the Tracking Changes feature running already…geesh!).

I’m not holding my breath. I think they’ll be putting all their energies into removing the leopard’s spots and growing the lion’s mane. I wonder how much, at the corporate level, the needs of a comparatively small, albeit intelligent, professional and intermittently vocal percentage of their users really matter. After all, why aren’t those people simply using Word, or rather Pages?

But you do need to remember that Martin and Co. have built the Nisus text-engine on the basis of the Apple text-engine. My guess is that Track Changes is not easy to implement within the Apple text-engine framework — Apple didn’t do it themselves for Pages, so perhaps we might wonder if it wasn’t easier to write a whole new text-engine! — and that that is why it’s taking time. Pages, Word, OpenOffice and its siblings all use totally different text-engines, as does Mellel.

Another thing to bear in mind is that what we use, and I hope love, in NWP has taken some 8 years or so to develop, and that development has been taking longer with each major new feature, as each of those new features presumably has been more difficult to implement. I started using Okito Composer — the original basis of Nisus Writer — not that long after I upgraded to OSX 10.0 on my 400MHz TiBook; the current version of NWP came out about a year ago, and that one — I can’t remember what the new features were now, though I think they included margin comments — took around a year to get right.

So we must have patience. In my experience of Nisus, they work hard at their developments and would like to get the new versions out the door as soon as they are stable and reliable enough …

Kind of makes you think of L & L, no?



Definitely makes me think of L&L. Thorough and awesome. If you look at the fora on Nisus’s page, you’ll notice that users have been wanting Track Changes for a long, long time. Martin himself mentioned that within RTF, creating Track Changes is totally doable. But I’m sure you’re right about the text engine and Pages.

It’s a shame that Pages isn’t more RTF friendly; after all, it’s far more difficult to implement .doc format than RTF. I don’t get it.

I absolutely LOVE Nisus Pro, but I NEED Track Changes yesterday, you know?



Yeah, I wouldn’t be holding my breath over '11 being any better in this regard either, or Lion for that matter. If they cared at all about their text engine and the needs of people who use it professionally, we wouldn’t have a table interface that looks like it came out of FrontPage 1.3.28b23, bullets that sporadically hijack fonts and other many bugs, an overall engine that goes slower and clunkier with each OS upgrade, and etc other bugs and limitations that have existed for about a decade now. Instead, we’ll get a little DropDown menu that, when you hover over embedded images, will let you post them to Flickr and Facebook, and other glitter that will, once again, increase typing lag for all.

cf. iPhoto '11. What. The.