Page breaks/pagination


I’d like advice on how to make a document with page breaks. I have about 30 scrivener files in a single folder, and I’d like to combine them into one document, which I’d then like to keep working on in Scrivener. (Pagination helps because the file is so big.) I can see two options:

  1. Merge. This creates one big file. But there are no page breaks, unless I export it to another program, like Pages.
  2. Compile. This creates a file with page breaks, but a) it’s for every scrivener document, not just the ones in the current folder I’m working on, and b) I can’t work on that in Scrivener.

Is there any way to combine files, paginate and stay in Scrivener?

Thanks for any advice!


Use “Scrivenings mode” and choose View > Text Editing > Show Page View (shortcut Alt-Shift-Cmd-P).

It’ll give you a virtual page appearance based on your current Page Set-Up dimensions etc., but when you finally compile the page breaks may not be entirely the same.