Page-Breaks Problems release

¡Hi there!

I just installed the new version of scrivener and when I compiled a project using the page-break mark in the configurator, the text appears without page-breaks (all text followed without any page break).

Does anyone else have this problem?

I checked all possible settings and I can not compile a project with the page-breaks.

What file format are you compiling to and what program are you using to open the file? Have you set the page break via the “page break before” checkmark in the Contents tab of compile or via the page break option in the Separator tab?

I tried “Preview”, “PDF”, “Word” and “ODT” formats, no one of this catch the page-breaks.

Also, i tried to configured this setting via “Page Break Before” from the checkmark of Compiler and from the Separator Tab too. No one of this seems to work :cry:

Am I doing something wrong or is a bug in the program? In previous versions, before i dont have this problem. I selected the check “Page-Break Before” from the Compiler and the compilation was produced without any error.

I’m really lost about this.

Preview just shows what the text formatting looks like; it doesn’t display page breaks. The others all should, of course, though theoretically there could be a problem related to the program you’re using to open the file. Since you’ve tried three distinct formats, though, including PDF, I doubt that’s the problem here.

Are you having this issue only with a specific project? I’m able to produce page breaks, both via the separator and the “page break before” option, in 1.6, so it’s not that page breaks are broken entirely. So likely then it’s a combination of the settings or the settings and formatting that are suppressing the breaks in some fashion, and we’ll need to suss out what’s unique about the settings. Screenshots of the binder (so the hierarchy of the Draft is visible) and of the Contents, Separators, and Formatting tabs of compile would help show how the project is structured.

It is solved! :smiley:

This issue only happens with one project therefore the problem must be in the configuration. I’m really relieved because I was going crazy.

Right now I’m seeing that’s what I’ve changed so that page-breaks are ignored when compiling.

Thank you very much for your help. :wink: