Page Breaks

I’m a new user to Scrivener. I’m a traditional writer, that is, I submit manuscripts to publishers. Now, there is a special format to use in placement of Chapters, Titles, Parts, and so forth, that dosen’t appear to be reflected by the default spacing of the manuscript template. In compiling the final manuscript, is there any way I can make the program conform to different spacing of Chapter headings?

I’m not quite following what it is you are looking for, it sounds like you are saying that you need to use a slightly different spacing model for headings than our built-in format uses in the manuscript Formats? I.e. in our default setup for the Novel template, folders are set up to generate chapter heading breaks, which they do by simply printing “Chapter One” (the numbering being dynamic), in double-spaced text just like the rest of the manuscript.

If that’s not quite right for you, the first thing I would try is this:

  1. Load up File ▸ Compile….
  2. Click the Assign Section Layouts… button below the preview area in the middle.
  3. Click on the “Chapter Heading” document type in the left column, and then scroll through the various options, choosing the one that looks right.

If the problem is that you need a different amount of line spacing on these headings than what we provide, then try this instead:

  1. Back out of the assignment interface.
  2. Right-click on the Format you are using in the left sidebar and edit it, duplicating if necessary.
  3. In the Section Layouts pane you have all of the designs that go into making the preview tiles you were just working with. You can modify how they look using the mock editor in the lower half of this pane.

If all of this is a bit mysterious, we have video tutorials on the topic, the interactive tutorial in the Help menu has a step-by-step introduction to these features, and of course the user manual goes over single checkbox, capability and integration between features, chiefly in chapters 23 and 24—but these topics specifically are covered in §23.3 and §24.2.