Page Count for Screenwriters

It seems that when I write a screenplay I do a lot of research and outlining of my scenes which Scrivener would be wonderful for. At some point I have to take all that research and work and write the screenplay. At that time I would need to see my outline and scene breakdowns as I write the script. Please clarify that you are saying I would need to take Scrivener and also use Final Draft together? In other words, I would look at my scenes and research in Scrivener and have Final Draft open next to it while I write the screenplay from the Scrivener work? As for not working on my entire script at once. That’s what I do once I’m at the script writing phase of writing a screenplay. I think most of my contemporaries do the same. That doesn’t mean we don’t jump around from scene to scene or rewrite and move scenes around as we go but we certainly write within the one draft document. I think a page break would be helpful only if the page break meant it was a page in Final Draft page units. I don’t know how I would begin to even write a first draft using Scrivener without page units. It would be a guessing game and all intuition which is not the screenwriting process at all. What we do is we outline, research, maybe even write a scene here and there as we go but we always get to the point where it is time to write the screenplay. That is when we take what we have and incorporate it into the actual screenplay. Is it possible to do this without knowing a page count?

Thank you for your time.

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