Page Count - Front Matter

I have been trying to NOT include my front matter in my PDF for Createspace in my TOC page count but nothing I’ve tried appears to be working! I noticed someone mentioned to add a section break at the end of the Front Matter (Blank page in my case) but I can’t find instructions on exactly how to do that?

I created a TOC from the manuscript (not included Front Message)

Seriously getting frustrated - just this one glitch is making me want to throw in the towel and a TOC as my book is made up of short inspirational chapters (Think Chicken Soup of the Soul format)

Please consider me an absolute newbie so if it’s reallllly obvious and I’m just missing it, feel free to list the obvious. I won’t be offended.

This is what my project looks like so far.


I might have misunderstood, but what are your settings here…

[attachment=0]page settings.png[/attachment]