Page Count in Editor

I’ve been using Scrivener for about a year, and I love it. It’s a phenomenal program, and it rescued me from some irritating Microsoft issues I was having–so first, thank you for Scrivener!
To my topic then: I write fiction novels, and in the process of editing especially I find myself constantly using the Project Statistics button or looking at the Word Count that appears at the bottom of the page to figure out how many pages each scene/chapter is. I enjoy not seeing page breaks while I’m writing, and I think that’s really helpful for keeping my flow steady and not artificially affecting how fast I end scenes, etc. However, it would be really great to not have to wait for Project Statistics to compile or have to fetch a calculator to get a quick gauge of where the scene is at in terms of pages, because I tend to think of chapter size in pages and therefore think of the story by page length when considering pacing. Many if not most agents also request the first X pages of a manuscript for submissions, and it would be nice to be able to see right in the document how much I need to compile or copy into a document for them. It would be great to have the page count (the one that’s based on the words per page number I input on Project Statistics Options) just show up at the bottom of the Editor window right next to where the word and character count already are.
Alternatively, if I’ve just missed an option for this that’s tucked away somewhere, someone please put me out of my ignorance!

Taken from another topic (there) but needed here now :wink:

  1. Will Scrivener for Windows will, one day, have a Page count? :mrgreen:
    Same as for my fellow writing camarade here, I am struggling with this, intensively (trying to reduce a text that is way too long). Word counts is… not super accurate for a novel format through chapters that has a lot of dialogues. I have to constantly compile what I’m doing to “mesure” to how many pages I was able the reduce so far.

While I’m a it, I have this suggestion to make, about word/page count.
2) The “target word” option (I have the French version installed, so I’m not sure of the “real” name of this option in English)… that icon, in the right bottom of the image below :wink: is a great tool for a minimum word count aiming. I would like to suggest a “maximum” limit too, that would go back to yellow and red flag. That would be so helpful when your literature director tells you so shrink down this 90 pages long part between 50 (ideal) to 65 (max limit!) pages :wink: :mrgreen: