Page count in outline view gradually moving off screen...?

Here a strange one, not a biggie at all but still a slight now-what-moment that keeps appearing from time to time.

I am working with a split window, outline to the left and scrivenings to the right.
I am using two columns in the outline window: the titles of documents/folder, and the word count.
I am using Mountain Lion on a 2012 MacBook Air.

For some reason, a couple of times a day, I find that the word count has moved right, and become obscured outside the window area. Or another way to put it: Every so often, I need to reduce the width of the title column to fit both columns into the pane, and every so often, Scrivener seems to expand the title column again so that the total width of my two columns, instead of being less than the pane width, becomes greater than the pane width — forcing me to resize the title column again, in order for the word count to show.
Again, not a biggie, but why is my set column widths changing…?

Tried to search the forum, hope I didn’t miss someone posting about this before.



Could it be that you are expanding items in the left column, which causes the column to expand in some situations? Or resizing the split view or window, perhaps? Scrivener never resizes columns except when you add or delete them, but the OS X outline/table control does adjust the width of columns slightly in certain situations, for instance when scroll bars appear or when items are expanded or deleted, so my guess is that it’s some of this automatic behaviour that you are seeing.

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I think I just experienced it, and yes I think it was upon expanding a collapsed folder.

I now know why the columns gradually increase: It seems that even though that folder HAD been previously expanded, and then collapsed (and even though another folder with just as many levels — one — was already expanded) the title column was widened when expanding the folder.

I can’t provoke it to happen again, though, if collapsing and expanding either that or other folders.
Not immediately.
But it seems that one action or another down the line will make scrivener re-evaluate what width is needed when collapsing that folder, so that when I expand it again after some time it will cause the column to widen again.

Again: it’s a very minor annoyance, but if there was a way to not have it resize more than necessary (does it really have to resize at all?) it would be… well, nice. Not life-changing. Just nice. :slight_smile:

End of nitpick.


Unfortunately this is just built into Apple’s NSOutlineView, and I don’t believe there is an option for changing this behaviour available.
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