Page count in windows (I read the old thread)

Some submit-ions count white space. It is more important, in these cases, to have a page count with the proper formatting. It sounded like there was a solution in page mode, I do not know if this worked because I am a windows user.

What I wanted to add to the old tread was, if we use a folder to denote all chapter breaks and count have the page as blank, (6 lines double spaced x 10 characters) will it make sense to have that factored in. I understand the script writing need as well, but on submit-ions and contracts that include white space, this is a bit of a factor. Anything coming for the windows version? Also can it do a character calculation per line based on margin, spacing and font settings first to help make the page count accurate?

Thanks. The page view might cover all this, but again a windows user here. Thanks

Project > Project Statistics is what you want; this will give you the page count based on the current compile settings, so will factor in the final formatting, margins, page dimensions, etc. The page view for the Mac version does not do this, since it counts only the pages loaded in the editor (thus not necessarily the entire draft) and the count is based on the editor formatting, which is not necessarily the same as the compile settings, and does not take into account additional compile settings like page breaks. It’s most helpful for scriptwriters, who set up the editor to closely match the final compile settings and don’t have a lot of additions or adjustments occurring in compile the way that other projects often do.

Thank you that was very helpful