Page count is 2X higher in compile vs. statistics

Statistics shows around 350 pages. But after compile, the subsequent word document is 665 pages! This is not a small discrepancy that can be easily explained away. Something must be wrong in compile.

To verify the page count, I found a manual formula online (# of words / 390) and it comes out close to 350 too. So I think statistics is right. Also, I’ve read through it and would know if it was freakin’ 665 pages (common sense). Is there any reason why compile would generate almost twice as many pages (spacing, settings, something I don’t know about as a beginner)? I am using the generic compile settings for fiction paperback, no customization. 12pt font. Bakersville font. Everything seems normal. But the # page is enormous. I am very close to finishing my first novel and really need to figure this out. 665 pages looks bad to a publisher.

My guess would be page size. If you’re in the US, your default page size is probably 8.5 x 11 inches. The Paperback formats are smaller than that.

If you’re sending it to a publisher, rather than publishing yourself, you probably want to use one of the Manuscript formats anyway.


Yes, I am compiling to paperback format of 5x7. Statistics is also looking at paperback size 5.x7". It should be an apples to apples comparison, but the page count is double after compiling.

I checked margins, indention levels, and line spacing as well. All three made a difference, but none explained why it went up by 300 pages. The word count per page seems low after compiling. It ranges from 236-285/page instead of 350-390 per page as it should be. I have no way to explain this. It is 12pt font, normal margins, nothing looks off…there are just not many words per page.

To clairfy, if it was 8.5x11 (which it’s not) it would be the opposite problem, i.e. too few pages in MS word. Instead it is doubling the number of pages.

Correction–I meant 5.5x8.5…whatever the standard is. I think compile shows it as 5.1 x 7.81 or something close to that.

If the word count per page is low, that would explain the high number of pages.

Impossible to say without looking at your Compile and Statistics settings. Please either post screenshots here or open a support ticket: