Page count not consistent with French publisher norms

Hello. In the statistics pane, the number of pages is not consistent with the number of words, at least under the norms of French publishers. I am writing in French, and should have the option to choose French publish norms.

Example : I wrote 17 113 words in my current project. Scrivener tells me this is equivalent to 50 pages (pocket book). But in France publisher standards one page is conventionally equivalent to 250 words. So the panel should show 68 pages.

Is there a way to tweek this parameter ? Could you allow to set up several page standards in Preferences ?

The Project -> Project Statistics -> Options pane allows you to define the number of words in a page.

However, that setting will only affect the Project Statistics report. If you are using Page View in the Editor, the number of pages it reports will be based on the actual number of pages in the selected document(s). Which in turn will be based on the specifications in the File -> Page Setup pane.


Thank you for the information. Actually, I cannot see a Page Setup option in the File menu (from the menu bar in Mac).