Page Count?

I wonder if I’m just not finding this option and it already exists. Scrivener offers me character count and word count but no page count. Am I missing something? I would certainly love to see a page count rather than having to constantly check the word count and guess from that how many pages I’ve got.

View > Statistics > Project Statistics (command - option - control - s).

I write screenplays and page count is a crucial feature for me. A page in the proper format corresponds (so they say…) to 1 minute of film and I’m all the time looking at the statistics for printed pages to have an idea of where I am.

Maybe I should check the number o characters of a printed page and begin to work with this value, but to work with pages and fraction of pages is a standard in the film industry and would be a killer resource for screenwriters.

My sugestion is to have a preference where we can choice to display pages and fractions of pages instead of word or characters in all the statistics we can access inside Scrivener.

And Keith, the more I use Scrivener, the more I like it!