Page/document bug[ADDRESSED]

So I am doing NaNoWriMo and am using six pages under one folder. (I think that’s what you call them. The pages and folders in the binder to the left). I have a page for my main writing, then one for ideas, outline, ect. I discovered that when I stay in one page it works fine, but if you go to another page, then back to the previous, the typing is really laggy. This problem is solved if you restart the program. Hope this information is helpful. :slight_smile:

Have you downloaded the latest beta? Some of these lagging issues were cleared up. You can check your version in the Help/About menu item. If that doesn’t show up, then you really need to update. :slight_smile: You’ll find links for doing so, as well as reports on which is the latest version, in the announcements area for this forum.