Page Down/Up in secondary (pdf) document?


A recent Scrivener-convert, I just wanted to make sure that I am not missing anything.

I often find myself writing with a pdf open as a secondary document. Is there any way to scroll that document (e.g. page-up/down) from the keyboard without leaving the primary document I am writing in?


This was on the wish list, found here. The furthest it got was a couple of ghosted out menu items. There was problems with the technical ability to do that.

Thanks for the info. A pity. Would be very useful when writing, e.g., scientific texts and having sources open.

Will keep hoping, though :wink:

Aye. Do note that you can jump between splits using the Cmd-Opt-Shift-J/I/K/L keys, which act like a logical compass rose. You can at least scroll the other document without leaving the keyboard.

Actually, I had another crack at this today after seeing this post. I went into it a little further, and it is just very difficult - technically - to implement. The problem is that there is no set way that a view can be scrolled programmatically, so there is actually no way I can tell a view that it should scroll. So, whilst I can get it working with a regular text view by sending it “pageUp:” and “pageDown:” messages, the same doesn’t work for a PDFView. The workings of a PDFView are pretty much private in fact. An added problem is that all views are set to respond to the “pageUp” and “pageDown” methods, but not all of them do anything. So I can test to see if a view recognises these actions, but even if the view recognises them, it doesn’t mean it does anything. In the case of PDFView, it seems to do nothing. Which is strange, given that you can use the keyboard with a PDFView. And I can’t just look for a scroll view, because that isn’t actually responsible for paging up and down, it’s just responsible for holding everything in place.

So, although I agree that this would be cool, it’s unlikely to appear in the near future. Your hands are just going to have to reach for the mouse, I’m afraid - or you can navigate between views quickly, as Amber suggests.

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I have been finding that, with actual use, I end up using the search function to navigate the research or source document, more than paging. So, while the remote paging thing would have definitely been nice, I never really find myself wishing for it too much anymore. I suppose if I did more linear sourcing that would be different.

Thanks AmberV and Keith for the to-the-point and helpful answers. I will certainly try Amber’s tip; when writing, my hands are uninterested in petting furry animals :wink: