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Is there a technique for making these lines more visible? Even something as simple as a colour change would help.

With complex documents, I would definitely find grouping notes more efficiently and more effectively.

Have you tried playing with the background colour of the board itself a bit? That setting is in the “Document” inspector tab.

I have the same problem. These lines are invisible on laptop screens. The result is I have to print, adjust, print, adjust etc., wasting a lot of paper in a larger project. I tried changing the background to black which helps a lot but that has its own set of problems depending on what you are using as a theme, and becomes a real time consuming effort.

I’d like to be able to set the width and color of those lines, or have a theme. I think you need to remember that Apple has the incredible displays. Windows has been using junk since it began. As a result windows applications address the issue, while on Apple it was addressed in the OS.


Thanks, I have added a suggestion to the list to darken these lines up a bit. On the Mac the line is actually a good deal darker, so it’s not just a matter of physical screen resolution or contrast.