Page layout for Windows

I am using the Windows trial version now and absolutely adore it, I can imagine Scrivener being instrumental for me ever finishing that novel!!! And all the others…

There is but one qualm that I have on first inspection, that is the endless “scroll” option. It is very undaunting to have all that before you, I feel. I know that you should then just plan even more ahead, make a synopsis and create all the empty chapters and then make that all work for me, in my advance. But it wouldn’t - not for me, for my method, as it now.

I’d rather decide to write for my first draft, say, 10 chapters of about 20 pages each. Or the other way around. I can’t be the only one. Set some limitations.

The scrolls’ endlessness of the computer age is heavy - it really is endless. Kerouac had a scroll (or roll, I am using the word scroll, as I think it is close to what I mean) and it was long, very long, but it wasn’t endless. Imagine if it was!

Of course other word processors have “infinite” pages (maybe someone somewhere is still writing his great novel but just can’t stop himself!), but then you have that sense of space - even though the pages may actually not be exactly 10 pages but 11 or 12. But it’s that sense of space that I am aiming for.

From having put in a couple of searches on the subject in the forum I have come to know that there’s this one guy who made this all, so I salute him on this, I belive, visionary thing. SoI wont’ be making any demands, all I’m saying is that it would be nice just to have this imaginary thing –

to help one cope with these endless possibilities!

I’ll spend the next couple of weeks toying with Scrivener, hoping in the future it’ll give me an even more pleasureable experience.

Sorry for the long post and hardly glimmering english.

PS My trial version can’t import .odt – if I purchased Scrivener would it import .odt?