Page layout view "light"

Hello fellow Scrivener users.

Me and a friend of mine just started using Scrivener. Me on Mac and he on Windows. We understand that the page layout view isn’t available in the Windows app just yet but is there any possibility to get the page in the middle without breaking into several pages?

Page numbers and breaks isn’t important but he would love to have it centered as the picture I attached.

Is this something he can fix or not?

Sorry if the questions is a noobie one, we tried to figure it out but didn’t find any (to us) clear answers.

Thank you.

You can have wider margins on both sides of the text, so you can have the centred text. I don’t think you can have those margins in a different colour, though.

To get the wider margins (which are only in the editor, not in printed or compiled documents), then go to Tools > Options > Editor > Editor Margins and increase the value till it looks right.

Will this do?

Just my ten pence worth but the best way of actually writing in Scriv is in full screen mode ( F11) that way you can set the page in the middle to the width you like and control the background from opaque through, or have a background pic to stimulate the creative juices depending on what your’e writing.