Page length?

Is it possible to set a page length? I’d like to have each page as a separate file in Scrivener (I’m writing scripts) and being able to see the page length and automatically or manually break into a new page would be a huge time saver (less post-Scrivener editing in Open Office).

Glad you posted this question, metonymy. I’d just been wondering if I was missing something. I’m working in the fiction novel template and trying to format my opening pages into title page, sub-title page etc. but -

a) I can’t figure out how to stipulate page length

b) When I click EDIT - INSERT- PAGE BREAK nothing seems to happen. I don’t see any evidence of a page break having been created.

(Working with Windows Vista on Dell Inspiron 6400)

This sort of page view wasn’t added to the Mac version until 2.0, for what that’s worth, and even then it’s still not an exact model of what you get when printed–it depends on how close you keep your on-screen settings to your finished, printed settings. For instance, you might write single spaced with size eighteen font but want to compile double-spaced with size 12, in which case your pages will be entirely different from what they’d look like in the editor. The idea of Scrivener as a drafting tool rather than a formatting tool means that actual pages are mostly irrelevant at this stage, though I realize for scriptwriters and such it’s a bigger deal since a page length has more meaning. To check up on your page count (based on your compile settings) you can view Project>Project Statistics.

“Insert page break” does actually insert a page break, which you can see as a line if you turn on “show invisibles,” but since page breaks have no meaning in the editor itself, it doesn’t split your document or anything like that. The page break will be put in when you print, though; you can see this in Project Statistics, also (ie, if your project initially comes up as one page and you insert a page break, it will now show as two printed pages).

As far as formatting the title page, etc., you can go ahead and do this as you like–I think the title page in the novel template is already formatted and checked for “compile as-is,” which means when you compile everything will stay put instead of getting overwritten with a new style. In the expanded compile menu you also have options for including “page break before” and other formatting so that you can ensure new chapters always start on a new page, etc.

Hope that helps!


Ah, thanks Mimetic. As I’ve never used the Mac version I have no idea of what is the target feature set for Win Scrivener. The functionality I’m after would reduce the amount of post-formatting I need to do. I’m writing comic scripts and for the artists sake I try to keep from having a panel description split across two pages. If I could see the page length in Scrivener, it would be a simple matter of starting a new script page if a panel description starts to “bleed”.
With a well implemented page lengh feature and a decent header I wouldn’t have to do any post-formatting. And I would really like that.