Page Margin problem in Compile

I came to Scrivener after tearing my hair out formatting my first novel Living in the O in Word for CreateSpace. The end result was, however, quite good. My second novel is completed in the excellent Scrivener, but there is a problem I’m not sure how to solve.

For the first book in Word my Document settings were Top: 0.75; Bottom: 0.75; Inside: 0.75; Outside: 0.5; Gutter: 0.35.

As there is no “Gutter” in Scrivener’s Compile Page Margins, I’m at a loss. The first proof of my second book, The Moon Food Cafe, sent to me by CreateSpace, had an insufficient gutter on the left verso pages. The Scrivener settings were the same as Word for Top, Bottom, Inside (Left, I assume). For that first proof I set the Right margin at 0.5 (as recommended by Ed Ditto (How to format your book for Kindle, Nook, etc), but the gutter was too small. For the second proof I changed Right margin to .75, so that all Scrivener settings were then .75. Still too small a gutter on the left verso page. As I’m paying nearly $30 a proof, I’m a tad timid to go further without some advice. For some reason, CreateSpace’s Interior Viewer is not working for me. They offer no reason.

Should I now make the Right margin the sum of Word’s Outside margin of 0.5 and their Gutter of 0.35, making a total Right margin of .85? Will this give me the same gutter as my first book done in Word?


Otherwise, Scrivener is a breeze.


Yes, definitely, I would try this, and make sure that you have “Use facing pages” ticked in the “Facing Pages” pane of Compile’s “Page Settings” area. The right margin will act as the inside margin when you have “Use facing pages” ticked.

Before sending it off for proofing again, I would then compare the PDF result with the book that worked as exported from Word, ensuring that the margins look exactly the same. I would, in fact, open them in, take a screenshot of them both at 100% scale, and measure the pixels of the margins in each in an image editing app just to ensure they are the same.

If you’re not sure, you can always send us a sample document that you know to have the correct margins (as a PDF) at AT literatureandlatte DOT com and we can check the settings in Scrivener for you - we don’t want you to have to pay £30 again unnecessarily.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thanks, Keith,

I opened both in Preview and notice that in the older Word .pdf that the pages alternate between set to the right and to the left. I forget what this is called, but in the Document settings I had ticked “Mirror Margins”.

In the Scrivener .pdf each page is aligned exactly the same.

I have “Use facing pages” ticked in Compile.

Is there a way in Scrivener to use Mirror Margins? If so, I must have missed it.

Thanks again,

Hi William,

“Use facing pages” does mirror the margins. So, if you have the left margin set to 0.5 and the right margin set to 0.85 and tick “Use facing pages”, then the first page will have a left margin of 0.5 and a right margin of 0.85, the second page will have a left margin of 0.85 and a right margin of 0.5, and so on.

Here is an example (note I actually set the left margin to 0.85 and the right margin to 0.5, since the first page is considered a recto page):

And here’s the result:

So I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing the same results. Could you post similar screenshots?

All the best,

Hi Keith,

Yes, I should have been making the adjustment to the Left margin instead of the Right. Checking it in Preview at 0.85, I could barely detect the Mirror margin, but there it was. In the end, I set the Left Margin to 1.0, which gives me a decent gutter. Another proof is in the mail.

Was not planning to write another book, but Scriv is so much fun, I might just give it a go.

BTW, we here in Australia, AKA The Arse End of the World, deal in dollars not pounds.

Thanks again for the great help.


Hi William,

Glad you got it sorted, and I hope the new proof is okay.

Colour me confused - where did I say otherwise?

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