Page margins change when I close the preference pane

Hello everybody.
Something really weird happens when I open the preference pane and then close it by clicking “OK”. … chermo.mp4

It happens even if I do not change any pref and it happens ONLY the first time. Then I have to close and relaunch Scrivener to make it happen again.
Is it normal?
It’s not a problem at all and the software works… I’m asking this just because it looks very strange and it baffles me. :slight_smile:

Thank you.


This is a minor bug that was just brought to my attention this week, actually. It’s caused by you having the text scale at 25%. When you apply the preferences, the margins get adjusted to account for the scale. But when you restart the app, the margins don’t account for the scale - they get scaled up too. I’ve fixed this for version 2.0 but I’m not sure I’ll get change to fix this in 1.x given the schedule, although I hope to. Please see the original thread here:


Thanks and all the best,

Thank you for the reply.
I had already searched the forum for “margins” and read that thread, actually, but I thought it was a different problem, I’m sorry.

It is really not a big problem, anyway. I was just wondering why that happens… but it’s impressive to see how accurate and efficient you are. :slight_smile:

Kind regards