Page Number Bug in PDFs

I’ve downloaded the release candidate 1, and when exporting a screenplay to PDF the page numbers are displayed incorrectly in the top right. They seem to start at a random number (52) and then jump by increments of ten before adding in random symbols and eventually going into triple-digits. This bug has been present in previous versions of the beta. I’ve attached a PDF as an example.
Compile test.pdf (64.6 KB)

An update on this bug from my use:

I am currently using Release Candidate 4, and I am still encountering these page number issues with PDF export. An additional oddity is that text formatted in “Transition” using screenplay writing also comes out garbled; in my case it exports as a random series of capital letters and symbols.

Downloaded Release Candidate 5. Export to PDF seems to display “Transition” text correctly now, but the page number bug remains.

The page number bug is still present in Release Candidate 6